The 3 C’s To Achieve Your Goals

We’re 30 days into the new year! Go ahead, pop the champagne again, let’s celebrate.

And like most, you’ve set some sort of goal, right? So let’s check-in. Did you give up, are you on track or do we need to refocus?

I’ve been checking in a lot (hi, I’m Deb, an over-thinker) but as I’ve gone through January, I’ve reevaluated, adjusted and now created a simple way to focus on achieving my goals.

My gift to you; The 3 C’s To Achieving your Goals.

Commitment: Commit 100% to what it takes. 

Whatever your “IT” is I’m sure you may have started to question.

“Maybe that’s not what I want. Karen made a comment that made it seem far fetched”. or “I’m exhausted, is this really worth it?” 

Decide and then commit. Don’t waste any more time or energy wavering or questioning.  #justdoit

Consistency. You have to stay consistent in your daily mindset and tasks towards said goal. 

So you fell short one day because something came up or you just were feeling burned out and needed to take a break or fell off some sort of wagon (I see you holding the donut).

It’s OK! Accept that you had an off day, accept and embrace that you are human then saddle up and keep going. #giddyup 

Compassion. No one is perfect. Read it again. 

Be compassionate with yourself and the journey towards change, growth and new experiences.

It’s easy to start down a rabbit hole of “why did I cave in?” and want to give up. BUT be kind to yourself and understand that you’re working towards changing your life. Not just reaching a goal.

There are a lot of unknowns when you decide to make a change in your life and really it’s the journey and process towards the goal that counts.

The key is letting things come (and go) without getting attached to it. Every day is different. Expect that, embrace it, breathe, adjust and repeat. 

“If you want different, you gotta move different.”

Happy goal setting, friends.

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