About Me

Buddha in a Blazer was created to share my journey of living healthy, authentic, fulfilled and balanced in business and life

A little about myself

Welp, here it goes. Talking about myself.  (awkward)

I’m Deb. Single dog mom, Account Executive, part time yoga instructor and professional lounger. Coffee is my love language, will lift weights for beer and french fries and music and dance feeds my soul. 

The concept of this blog came to me after I completed my yoga teacher certification in 2014. 

Before that, I did what most people do; go to college, get a degree and start climbing a corporate latter. 

After 10 + years of working and building a career and network, I found myself unhappy and out of touch with who I was. 

Yoga had been part of my life since college and I began noticing how it was changing me.

I slowly became more aware of my surroundings, my thoughts, my health, my body and relationships.

My anxiety was not spinning into a panic attacks and I started to realize that although it seemed I had a great life, I was unfulfilled.

I started having more thoughts like “we only have one life” and “ trust the universe.” So I did. 

I quit my job and flew to California for a month long immersion into spirituality and yoga. And, everything changed.

After spending 30 days studying and living on an Ashram in the mountains of California, I came back with new eyes. 

This integration back into “the real world” and mid management corporate job was even more challenging than I anticipated. 

I struggled to find the balance between my drive and desire to be successful but not ‘ wear a mask’ and do life more authentic. 

I didn’t know how this was possible until a good friend said  “you don’t have to choose. You are both strong and driven and can be authentic and real.”

Light bulb moment.

Buddha in a Blazer was created to share my journey of balanced living and help others cultivate personal success in business and in life.